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Easter Time! with Dufus Rainwhite

Enjoy this egggreat video from Dufus Rainwhite, in which he shares his Easter morning ritual.

JnJ 81: The Sign of Old Age
Adam and Dan


JnJ 81: The Sign of Old Age

Are the youth of each generation slowing bringing society to its knees? Adam puts Dan and his doilies somewhat at ease. And how ‘bout those internet freedoms? Are they quickly drawing to a close? Put on your Google Glass and take a peek behind the kimono.

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Show Notes

We discuss the whole “older generation thinking the world is going to hell because ‘youth doing CRAZY THINGS!’”. And I learn of some ways that I’m judgemental of the way some people choose to spend their time – which is always enlightening!

Perhaps for some, there really isn’t anything in life more fulfilling that spending twelve hours a day playing WoW! Who am I to something something.

Watch the full 20 minute Q&A with X-Men: Days Of Future Past stars Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy.

Well this was really bloody delightful; too much fun!

The Green Wedge & Lysterfield Park :: 13 April 2014

Between Glenfern Road and Wellington Road. Shot with iPhone 4S.

Some of these tracks are now frequented by the walking equivalent of the infamous weekend cyclists that visit the hills. What I didn’t photograph was the red face-washer I picked up from the track (SCORE!) along with the empty water bottles and energy/protein packaging people drop *willy nilly*.

But rather than getting Dave-Hughes-ANGRY at the unknown disrespectful citizens that create this mess (which would doubly ruin my time spent at such places), I’m going to try picking up such rubbish without giving negative thoughts to anyone or the situation, and instead perhaps even try doing so with a love FOR the area and the minimal care I give it, for myself and others like myself that visit these areas partly because of the lack of human activity evident in them.

I remembered that in the past, when I’ve quietly willed for something to come about, I’ve been pleasantly surprised when it has eventuated through no direct intervention on my behalf. I figure that if I do what I feel is the right thing and subconsciously internally will that others (that I don’t really interact with – or even see) may join me in leaving these areas looking pristine. 

If that “new-age-eque” approach fails, I’ll just hide in the bushes in camo with a dart gun and tranquillise the fuckers.

Shaun Micallef wreaks havoc on “Breakfast”

This man warms my heart ad infinitum – if there was no upper limit to how hot a thing can get. 

Wow… What is the hottest something can be? Is there a limit? Does the Universe shrivel up if something gets too ridiculously hot?