Ainslie Wills - This Is What I Write // Large Noises

Fine Melbourne music. Worth seeing live.

The Science of Persuasion

Super interesting and surprising stuff.

My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release

An outstanding and often touching album of girthy proportions. Fun for the whole family jewels!

Failure to Find Passion: Cass Phillipps at TEDxGoldenGatePark

I found this a refreshing watch, if only because I resonate more with Cass than a highly driven, highly focused person that foams at the mouth with enthusiasm for their passion – their life’s work.

The takeaway for me is to actively look at my ‘fear of failure’ in the face. In that exercise alone, growth is inevitable.

Why I love Sex on Toast

  • It helps exfoliate my back.
  • Every melody and backing vocal is an awesome and delightful sing-along.
  • The songs are sexy, cool, danceable, funny and fun.
  • And yet the lyrics are at times personal and introspective.
  • Their live shows are energetic and funky.
  • And their choreographed dancing on stage puts a huge smile on my face – it’s too funny.
  • Sexy dance party!