I Need a Spanking (feat. Merlin & Dan)
Merlin Mann

B2W: I Need a Spanking (feat. Merlin & Dan)  [Download Message Tone]

Someone’s been a naughty boy.

Tone Notes:

Previously, on 5by5 Fan Made.

JnJ 100: The Happy Blacksmith
Adam and Dan


JnJ 100: The Happy Blacksmith

Once upon a time a podcast clocked up one-hundred episodes, so the hosts decided to tell some fairy tales to treat the adults. As well as hearing the tale of The Happy Blacksmith and Cinderella, Dan and Adam share some insights into how the sausage is made.

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Show Notes

For the past week, I’ve been slaving away behind a hot computer to produce a fairy tale (or two) that podcasting partner Adam and I are very happy to call our own.

A combination of improvisation and meticulous post-production, it’s bound to teach children a series of nasty catchphrases whilst at the same time delighting the inner child of any adult listener.

Give it a play, as you dissect a small rodent on your kitchen bench. Which I’m not going to judge as being an odd activity. Just so long as you and mousey are both happy.

Ainslie Wills - This Is What I Write // Large Noises

Fine Melbourne music. Worth seeing live.

The Science of Persuasion

Super interesting and surprising stuff.

My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release

An outstanding and often touching album of girthy proportions. Fun for the whole family jewels!

Failure to Find Passion: Cass Phillipps at TEDxGoldenGatePark

I found this a refreshing watch, if only because I resonate more with Cass than a highly driven, highly focused person that foams at the mouth with enthusiasm for their passion – their life’s work.

The takeaway for me is to actively look at my ‘fear of failure’ in the face. In that exercise alone, growth is inevitable.

Why I love Sex on Toast

  • It helps exfoliate my back.
  • Every melody and backing vocal is an awesome and delightful sing-along.
  • The songs are sexy, cool, danceable, funny and fun.
  • And yet the lyrics are at times personal and introspective.
  • Their live shows are energetic and funky.
  • And their choreographed dancing on stage puts a huge smile on my face – it’s too funny.
  • Sexy dance party!